Pure, Natural Products are ALWAYS the Smart Way to Go!!

I have a big heart for people & believe in the products in my BlackBox Cosmetics Store -it’s not just about selling them, it’s more about my passion for the health and well-being of others!! The toxic ingredients found in other beauty brands, including those I bought last year at Whole Foods, have shocked me! The more I read about the dangers the greater my passion for spreading the message of using better products. Americans are one of the sickest nations in the world, despite having what many refer to has a great health care system ~ we spend twice as much money on health care as any other nation, yet today on the news they said our health is failing just as quickly as the 3rd world countries! Why is that, why are kids coming up with diseases that use to occur in older adults, why are more of us developing cancer & other diseases. It’s in our foods and it’s our beauty & body products! If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your body. Your skin is the most absorbent part of your body and the products you put on it often times goes straight into the blood stream causing dangerous problems. Of course no one will experience immediate problems, but over time with the amount of toxins continuing, the results are hazardous and deadly. Companies are putting harmful chemicals in skin care, hair care, & body care products, that the FDA has approved, that are killing us & very few people realize it!! Most products contain toxic ingredients that are causing various kinds of cancers, hormonal issues, and various disrupters within our body’s system! So many things go wrong in the body for both men & women when our hormones & chemistry are altered by these products, there has even been studies that show it creates issues with gender assignment; and why wouldn’t it, it effects estrogen levels as well as hormones. Now imagine taking in all these products into your system for years then passing them onto our children through birth & then through their use of these things. They are younger and their system is more fragile than an adults. They are experiencing toxins at higher levels than our generation; and each generation is getting more and more taxed by these issues. Now do the research and see all the childhood problems that didn’t exist 10 or 20 years ago! It’s terrible how much damage these chemicals cause & it breaks my heart that most don’t know it! I think my care & compassion for others and this message will by far outweigh my personal self confidence or sales skills!! PLEASE WATCH WHAT PRODUCTS YOU ARE BUYING AND USING!! We may not be able to change the industry, but we can learn and protect ourselves and our families, friends, and loved ones!!

Use the link below to read a shocking study linking breast cancer to parabens in cosmetics:

Also be sure and go back into my blog and READ the 99 chemicals to avoid in your products!! What’s the point of using products from companies like Mary Kay with all it’s chemicals that then turn around and fund cancer research?! While I’m thankful for their funding, they are part of the very problem ~ and while Mary Kay has an awesome program, they are part of the reason the funding is needed!

Check out information regarding the Pharmaceutical companies as well, they are running our “health care” system, and they are not healing us, they are giving us mostly harmful drugs ~ I could go on but I won’t.. I’ve given you enough information to start your journey forward and become a more informed consumer and SAVE your own life!!

Take care and BE HEALTHY!!!

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