~ The Miracle Mineral Most of You Have Never Heard Of ~

Diatomaceous earth is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants; it is considered a miracle mineral! It is the dried up, fossilized, remains of diatoms, an algae. It has been proven by users of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (DE) to have many positive effects on humans and animals!  For humans, we can experience such things as detoxing, weight loss, internal cleansing & improvements in overall beauty.  If you google the term Diatomaceous Earth (DE) you will find many great articles on the health benefits of “FOOD” grade DE.  There are so many potential health benefits to using food grade DE; it’s exciting!

Some of the health benefits of daily DE intake are it’s detoxifying & cleansing efforts!  It cleans the colon and rids the body of heavy metals & parasites, ETC.  It is great for your bones, hair, and nails as it is loaded with silica which improves their density & strength!  It enhances collagen production so you should also notice improvements in your skin with fewer wrinkles and better elasticity.  Since it purifies your digestive tract & removes all the unwanted impurities -you should also experience improved overall health by absorbing more nutrients and having a cleaner colon.  You should note an improvement in your heart strength & circulation as it will help clean out your arteries & veins ~ lowering blood pressure, decreasing your bad cholesterol, and increasing your good cholesterol!  These are just a sample of the many benefits.  Most importantly besides helping you feel better now, is that it will help PREVENT future diseases and issues.

Some side effects of using DE may be weight loss, better brain functioning, stronger immune system, and even possibly helping to prevent Alzheimer’s!!  (Not bad side effects if you ask me!!)

It is recommended that you take one Tbl a day or one Tbl. in the morning and one Tbl. at night, simply mix it in a glass of water or juice.  Note, it does not dissolve, but will be suspended and will sink to the bottom so be sure to keep it stirred if you’re a slow beverage drinker!  Be absolutely sure you are only taking in the FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth, as the other is harmful to humans!

Other wonderful uses for DE ~ you can use it around the house, for your pets, and in your gardens!!  It will get rid of cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, etc!  It’s a natural pest control for all three of these areas, while being much cheaper & healthier!  I encourage you to google the “Diatomaceous Earth” as well as search YouTube for more information on this wonderful product ~ which has actually been around for many many years!!!

 ~ Stay healthy, eat right, commit random acts of kindness, and stay looking & feeling your very best ~




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