Get rid of CELLULITE before putting on that bikini

New Product~ Body Potion!

A non-toxic weight loss and cellulite-reducing product new from BlackBox! Body Potion‘s combinations both thermogenic ingredients and penetration enhancers to help safely  speeds up activity and energy use within the fat cells. As the fat cells shrink in size, you will experience a loss of inches, improved tone & definition, and reduction in cellulite. Exercise improves and speeds up the results. Take a look at the study results below from an in vivo test performed on a selected panel of women volunteers between the ages of 35-50 years old with sedentary lifestyles:

Body Potion can be applied in the privacy of your own home, using the massage applicator provided with every order, at a very affordable price.  As a special offer, Body Potion will be available at a preorder-reduced introductory price (10% discount) and shipped by May 30th. Of course ISA’s receive an additional 20% discount off of retail.

Our products stand alone in a crowd of products that are toxic, loaded with water, have minimal effective ingredients and smell terrible. Body Potion can be added to our list of amazing products that tower above the others, but really it is a new product in a league of its own.

**To improve & speed results, apply 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.


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