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NEW SITE-Follow me now!

Hey all, I’m about to get more active on my blog – but under a different name~ I’m updating everything and connecting all my social media sites together to provide healthy choices and inspiring information that I hope will stimulate your mind and allow you to create a better quality of life!! So start following […]

The BEST 8 Min. Secret Revealed!

Imagine HELP with NO Pills, NO Surgery, NO Special Diet, NO extra Exercise ~ yet you experience better sleep, increased energy, relief from discomforts like arthritis & lower back aches, lower blood pressure, better sexual performance, better skin complexion -increased Collagen – wrinkle reduction – fade age spots, ETC. BEMER Technology has been around for […]

Essential Oils ~ I love! NEW product for anti-aging!

RestorationSkin Essentials  will dramatically improve the texture and tone of your skin, repairing the damage from years of sunbathing and environmental toxins.  BlackBox’s three new EO products are available in an amber bottle with either a dropper or a roll-on version.  Either option is a convenient way to apply your essential oils. EO Peptide formula utilizes the most studied/proven anti-aging Peptides (including Syn-Ake, Argireline, […]

Buy & SELL only when YOU want-Indep. Sales Reps Wanted

*NO sales quotas -set your own hours  *NO qualifications to receive your commissions  *NO monthly fees or yearly renewals  *NO need to buy inventory  *NO need to recruit other sales associates  *FREE personal website to help you sell and keep track of your sales  *FREE training ~ IT’S SIMPLE ~ YOU SELL= YOU EARN MONEY! PERIOD… […]

Get rid of CELLULITE before putting on that bikini

New Product~ Body Potion! A non-toxic weight loss and cellulite-reducing product new from BlackBox! Body Potion‘s combinations both thermogenic ingredients and penetration enhancers to help safely  speeds up activity and energy use within the fat cells. As the fat cells shrink in size, you will experience a loss of inches, improved tone & definition, and reduction in cellulite. Exercise improves and speeds […]

It’s been awhile!

Hi all, it’s been so long since I’ve been on here ~ I ended up getting a very stressful job as a general manager and I’ve been swamped with work!  However stress has overtaken me and I’m on unpaid medical leave from work – so I thought I’d update my site and say hello to […]

EO Essentials for Anti-Aging

RestorationSkin Essentialsis “Anti-aging Skin-Care in its Purest Form.” At BlackBox Cosmetics, we created a line of Essential Oil anti-aging skin-care products with zero cosmetic chemicals typically used to preserve, emulsify, thicken, and scent skin-care products. We took the very best organic anti-aging essential oils that are known to penetrate deep into skin tissue and infused them with the […]