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NEW SITE-Follow me now!

Hey all, I’m about to get more active on my blog – but under a different name~ I’m updating everything and connecting all my social media sites together to provide healthy choices and inspiring information that I hope will stimulate your mind and allow you to create a better quality of life!! So start following […]

The BEST 8 Min. Secret Revealed!

Imagine HELP with NO Pills, NO Surgery, NO Special Diet, NO extra Exercise ~ yet you experience better sleep, increased energy, relief from discomforts like arthritis & lower back aches, lower blood pressure, better sexual performance, better skin complexion -increased Collagen – wrinkle reduction – fade age spots, ETC. BEMER Technology has been around for […]

It’s been awhile!

Hi all, it’s been so long since I’ve been on here ~ I ended up getting a very stressful job as a general manager and I’ve been swamped with work!  However stress has overtaken me and I’m on unpaid medical leave from work – so I thought I’d update my site and say hello to […]

Breast Cancer Awareness ~

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and in CELEBRATING the lives of all the survivors, I wanted to offer a Special FREE Handmade Pink Scarf made with official Breast Cancer Awareness Yarn to the first three people who order a complete RestorationSkin care kit.   Let’s not just fight against cancer, let’s try to stop it before it starts! Expires […]

~ The Miracle Mineral Most of You Have Never Heard Of ~

Diatomaceous earth is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants; it is considered a miracle mineral! It is the dried up, fossilized, remains of diatoms, an algae. It has been proven by users of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (DE) to have many positive effects on humans and animals!  For humans, we can experience such things […]

Finally a Natural Blue Food Coloring!!!

All these years anything that was blue in color has been colored by artificial means.  Thank goodness that is all about to change -at least for companies that want to stay away from artificial ingredients and stay natural!  Spirulina extract is the healthy alternative, and even the FDA has gotten on board!!!  It’s a great […]

Don’t trust your life to the FDA!!

UPDATED ARTICLE -a MUST READ:  FDA Allows Untested Chemicals in Food  Read the full article using the link below!!! Here’s an important message for every human -male, female, young or old!  If you use any body lotions, gels, shampoos, soaps, or make-up that is not natural it probably contains harmful damaging chemicals, even our […]